Neph”a*lism\, n. [Gr. ? soberness, fr. ? sober, ? to drink no wine: cf. F. n[‘e]phalisme.] Total abstinence from spirituous liquor.

The 30-day Nephalist

n. A 32-year old aspiring writer and slacker, living in the Northwest area of the United States of America, quenching his thirst for self-knowledge but not for microbrews.

Why blog?

  • to document my experience staying sober for thirty days
  • to share with people who are struggling to find balance in their drug use
  • to help me maintain my resolve
  • to develop my blogging, writing, and ability to attract readers (read: web marketing, social networking)
  • to answer the questions, “Why drink?” and “Why not drink?”

I plan to post to the blog regularly, three or four or five times a week, and to continue after the 30-days are up, whatever decision I make about my drinking. I plan to remain anonymous, although I will share my blog with friends and family members as long as I can feel safe about being completely honest.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. New to word press and did not find it easy to leave a comment. Came across your blog from a comment you left in Zen Habits.

    Liked the freaking out post – gotta love those credit cards and my wife just found out about an extra one she did not know about but is still only suspicious of the balance.

    I was enlightened by the wallowing post. Typically my wallowing involves reading trashy detective novels. Strange thing is, my job requires dealing with kids and combined with my family responsibilities meant that I have to put it off sometimes or “fake it” it during the wallow but it means the stint tends to go on for longer.

    Good luck with this – I too have thought I would enjoy the world of blogging but like you have not found my niche. I’ll be following along

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