The Game of Life (via The Nostalgeria)

I just remember you end up with a lot of babies.

The Game of Life When I think of the best board games of all time, Milton Bradley's The Game of Life comes to my mind first and perhaps most often. Forget the inane picture on the front of this 1992 edition (the closest to what I remember playing as a kid) because this game isn't all sunshine and Cosby sweaters.   Any family game where you can royally screw over others by simply flashing 'share the wealth' cards at opportune moments is probably going to end in fl … Read More

via The Nostalgeria


2 thoughts on “The Game of Life (via The Nostalgeria)

  1. Hey ,

    Don’t quit writing this blog. This has lots of great drama and insights into a really common behavior.

    I want to know how it turns out, all the twists and turns. This is great raw humanity you are sharing. Keep it up!

  2. hey i left a comment on a former post, would be really interested in opening some diaologue with you.

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